thread: 2006-02-16 : Throwing It Open: Color

On 2006-02-17, Mark W wrote:

Let me see if I can throw out an example that's more generally accessible, because y'all are telling me good things, things worth knowing, but not the thing I'm trying to understand the most.

Judd's First Quest tSOY mod has the players name the three pools and assign abilities to them. Mechanically, everything works just the same as in vanilla tSOY. It feels important to me, somehow, whether Vigor is Vigor or Might. And whether the Sword skill works off of Might or Cunning (Reason).

For my high school game, I want people to be able to play with their high school stuff. I went to an all-male Jesuit private school. My source materials for the project range from Quadrophenia through Hogwarts to Azumanga Daioh. Providing evocative, grabby Color that the players can grab hold of to make the game their own rather than "that Breakfast Club game" is what I'm onto.


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