thread: 2006-02-16 : Throwing It Open: Color

On 2006-02-17, Jason M wrote:

Here's what I'd do - I'd make the game about your high school.  Or the ur-high school, the John Hughes high school, whatever really excites you.  Structure your events around that and make them as amorphous and universal as practical without losing the cool.  Then, in the back of the game, suggest other high schools and give some examples of how your event framework still works.

viz. Dogs, with the paragraph about playing Hezbollah or Puritans in the back.

In the Roach all the color related to events is in their names - that's all you get, and that's all you need.  No two faculty senate meetings ever play the same.


This makes WMW go "Yeah, that's kinda where"
I am with this. Only playtesting will tell for sure, and that means editing, and recruiting, and ... February. I hate February.

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