thread: 2006-02-20 : Open House: Ask a Frequent Question, pt 2

On 2006-02-20, Vincent wrote:

Charles: Now, for example, the culture in the setting is fairly strongly patriarchal, so a Steward who decides that he should treat his wife as an equal in handling the Stewardship of the faithful is fairly obviously following false doctrine according to the description of the Faith, but the decision over whether it really is false doctrine falls entirely to the Dogs.

...Sort of.

The GM decides, in town creation, whether the Steward's following false doctrine. The GM and nobody else.

The players, via the Dogs, decide what to do about it.

They can't retroactively make it not false doctrine, they can only affirm it going forward (if that's what they decide to do) - and doing that doesn't undo the harm the steward's caused.

Here are a couple of (frustrating) conversations I've had on the subject, at the lumpley games Forge forum:
On removing homosexuality and violating gender roles as sins...
GM vs Players in Sin Hierarchy

I've linked to the second page of that first thread there because the first page isn't to your question. I don't figure you'll have to struggle to get it like some of those people do.


This makes CS go "Itching eyes"
Yeah, my sympathies.
Reading those sorts of conversations makes my eyes itch.

Agreed, it's false doctrine 'cause I say so, and only 'cause I say so (as GM). The players, through the Dogs, can call it true doctrine and enforce it like true doctrine, and if they can win the appropriate conflicts (The Steward will bow to my will, and accept that he was blind to the true Faith) then that doctrine gets treated as true on their word.

This makes EWR go "Though..."
I did find them both very enlightening and informative, I fully understand they must have been frustrating.

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This reminds CS of weird little what if...