thread: 2006-03-05 : No, THIS is the perfect medium

On 2006-03-06, Sydney Freedberg wrote:

Thanks, J; thanks, Vincent.

Small correction: the "being cheap! ;)" comment wasn't me, actually, but "SDL" (who is... err... I forget).

Larger correction: The "being cheap!" logic is what lots of Industrial Age bureaucrats, 3rd World warlords, & the like think before they decide to throw a bunch of guys with guns (or spears, or RPGs, or whatever) together and call it "infantry." The result is lots of dead infantry.

In war, there is nothing easier to produce than crappy infantry units. There is nothing harder to produce than good infantry.

Giant, screaming correction:

Forget the efficiency calculations for a moment. In war, efficiency and effectiveness are often enemies, and the inefficient solution is often the best solution.

And I'm loopy with exhaustion, with one funeral down, one toddler birthday party down, and one more funeral to go, so bear with me if I'm a bit sketchy in these posts.


This makes SDL go "Yep..."
...that was me, Stefan, with the quip! I was actually thinking support costs, though - garrison vs assault forces, for what that is worth.

This makes VB go "Sydney, email me."
I've lost your address.

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