thread: 2006-03-05 : No, THIS is the perfect medium

On 2006-03-06, Ben Lehman wrote:

Sydney, this is really awesome stuff that I totally did not learn in hippy school, and only vaguely had intimated at my by wargames, which usually flub up the maneuverability part.  Thanks for your clear explanation.

Please continue.



This makes SF go "Wargames flub morale & command-control worse"
Which feeds back to maneuver, because a lot of outmaneuvering the enemy is not physical speed, but presenting new problems too fast for his self-confidence and/or tactical adaptability to keep up.

This makes JBR go "Most Game Battlefields Are Too Small"
Most wargames present a battlefield that is incredibly smaller than is "realistic" -- crippling the mobility-centric and artillery-centric units. I firmly believe this is because the designers know the players want to be gung-ho heroes that wade into battle and kill things, rather than gung-ho soldiers who stay the hell away from the fighting and hit the enemy from positions that they can't get hit back.

This makes Chris go "I also wanted to applaud"
all this great information. Very clear, very awesome.

This makes BL go "Truly, there are many things that wargames flub!"

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