thread: 2006-03-05 : No, THIS is the perfect medium

On 2006-03-06, Joshua BishopRoby wrote:

Crap, am I going to have to get a blog?

Why the hell don't you have one already?  Sheesh.  Blogger takes like ten minutes to set up, and WordPress takes maybe an hour.

Also: Just because this sort of thing annoys the hell out of me, we're talking wargames, right, and not roleplaying games, here?  Cause nothing rankles like six PCs implementing 'war strategies' against a castle full of a thousand NPC guards.  The typical RPG group of characters are far more like special ops, spies, or bandits than soldiers.


This makes NinJ go "For me, this is going into a pile of "stuff to make wargames about"..."
... I have a hard time seeing this being part of an RPG except, perhaps, for my battlefield heroics game where there are guys with personalities on the field. Still, it's a wargame with humanity taking part.

I started doing it because I realized that the reason a lot of people play wargames is so that they feel like they're above the conflict, the wise commanders making hard decisions, unmoved by the carnage below. When, in fact, all you get is the last part: you're unmoved. So I started thinking about ways to get personalities out there on the field. What started coming out was sort of like Braveheart: lots of personality, but everything real gets settled at the end of a blade.

This makes BL go " Wordpress > Blogger"
In all ways.

This makes JBR go "Well yeah, Ben."
I made the switch and I can't even conceive of going back. But if you're just starting in, blogger's a nice, easy, no-cost starter option to see if you want to do it. Then upgrade to the awesome that is WordPress (and set up a site to sell apocalypse girl from).

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