thread: 2006-03-10 : The Gamie-Gamies

On 2006-03-10, Vincent wrote:

Questions answered:

1. What is the format you want for submission?

PDFs make sense to me, but whatever's called for. If it's super weird, email me first.

2. How many games per person can we enter?

10! Or however many. I don't imagine anyone's really going to get more than 2 or 3 together.

3. Can we use copyrighted material strictly for mockups for the game?

Follow the dictates of your conscience.

4. Games we have designed prior to March 10th are out, correct?

Correct. Feel free to dig back and dust off old notes, though - just as long as you weren't already currently developing the game.

5. Can we discuss these games in design forums and blogs and such?


6. Are actual play threads, in appropriate forums and blogs, okay?


7. If a game is submitted before June 10th and later revised before June 10th can it be resubmitted?


8. How many players are you looking to accomodate? the design process for a two-player game is different (for me) than for a four-player game is different from a variable-player game.which one do you want? Do you care?

I figure, your best bet is to design for 2-5 players, play time 2 hours or under. It won't be a big disadvantage to design for play time 2-4 hours, or for 6-10 players, but it'll be a small one. It will be a big disadvantage to design for play time over 4 hours, unless the game can be very easily broken up into shorter sessions, or for over 10 players.

"Disadvantage" just means that your game better make up for it by being super fun, of course.


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