thread: 2006-03-10 : The Gamie-Gamies

On 2006-03-11, Vincent wrote:

And we have our first entry! It's a poker variant called Brood Poker by Ben Lehman.

It looks fun, too.

More questions:

9. I'm not an rpg designer but I want to enter the contest. What do I do?

Well, I hope you'll understand that my first loyalty is to rpg design, and that this contest is about using the lessons you learn from game design to improve your rpg design. So, tough noodles.

That said, I'd be thrilled if you'd submit an "honorable non-entry." We'd make your game or game-in-progress part of the arena of the contest, as a spur to the competitors and to help set the bar. You couldn't win, but you'd be participating and you'd get public exposure and maybe play and all that goodness.


This makes BL go "Thanks"
You realize you're going to get a lot of entries from me, right? I design card games, like, all the time.

This makes AD go "or you can start writing an RPG too"
You know, start designing an RPG for indie publication at the same time, and thus qualify for this contest...

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