thread: 2006-03-10 : The Gamie-Gamies

On 2006-03-13, Vincent wrote:

Josh: ask me again using more words, please!


This makes mneme go "ok"
It was more whimsey than anything, but in the second run of our amnesia larp (the first one I did writing/GMing for, rather than playing in), I improvised a board game to serve as a particular game element. For the third run (um. two weekends ago), I actually wrote the rules down...though I ended up amending them slightly before the game ran. Would it make sense to make minor changes (ones I was thinking about in the last run, but have never written down or played) and submit said game for this contest?

This makes VB go "seems fine..."
But maybe I'm missing something. Why wouldn't that be legit?

This makes mneme go ""
no reason, aside from it having more or less been played as a game before, even if it could use some refinement. I was mostly piqued by the timing -- I was doing work on this earlier this month prior to Intercon F on March 3.

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