thread: 2006-03-10 : The Gamie-Gamies

On 2006-03-20, Valamir wrote:

Well, Ima throwin my hat in the ring.

I just spent this weekend developing the first draft rules of a game that is a fusion of Alexander's Generals, Beowulf, and Condotierri, with a whiff of an earlier, more wargame like, design of mine thrown in the mix.

Now alls I need to do is the cards and game board.  The game board I expect will be the largest PITA, because I need to draw a bunch of territories and icons and my computer graphics skill is somewhere between zero and Windows Vincent may be getting scans of a hand drawn board...old school baybee just like when I was a wee lad (yes, I used to make cards by pasting typewritten and stenciled pages onto cereal box cardboard and cutting out with scissors and draw boards on giant drafting sheets laminated with clear contact paper...ahhh the memories)

—-> In my no-money-to-buy-games youth I hacked together at one point my own versions of the Dungeon Boardgame, Conquistador (still one of my favorite games), FASA's Star Trek Simulator, Wooden Ships and Iron Men, and a fun little motocross game that was amazing like Formule De.


This makes JasonP go "oooo - FASA Simulator"

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