thread: 2006-03-10 : The Gamie-Gamies

On 2006-04-02, Vincent wrote:

MoRE: So if one has been working on his or her own RPG material, but it's never been published, promoted, etc.... how would you know the difference between a full-fledged submission and an honarary submission from a person like that? (In full disclosure, i.e., me.)

Commit to someday publishing it yourself and you're in.

For our purposes here, publishing just means making it publically available in some form. A plain text file you email to people who ask, for instance, is a publication; so is a web page, so is a photocopied booklet I can send away for.

If your question really is how would I know the difference, the answer is that I wouldn't, of course. You saying that you're working on an rpg for eventual indie publication is all I can go by.

John: Since I believe you've said solitaire dungeon crawls aren't RPGs, do solitaire dungeon crawls count here? Or do I have to modify the solitaire dungeon crawl I just made into a card game plus map dice rules?

Would you call it a game game, not a roleplaying game? Then submit it!

Submitting a solitaire game is interesting tactically. It'll get to be a finalist if only any single one of us decides to play it. Interesting.


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