thread: 2006-03-10 : The Gamie-Gamies

On 2006-04-03, John Laviolette wrote:

On second thought, I'm thinking no, I shouldn't submit it as a game-game. Mainly, because there is an element I would consider roleplaying: you can get an advantage in a conflict by using a fact about the current environment, and you can use successes to change the environment to use for such advantages. That and the very flexible way the system handles conflicts are two of the main things I feel are "cool" about this design.

BUT: you could play this as a collaborative dungeoncrawl instead of a solitaire dungeoncrawl, same rules, just a larger adventuring party. The two cool rules + multiple players makes it look *exactly* like an RPG.

Stripping those rules strips most of the cool factory, although I think my mapping system is pretty cool, too. If I feel like it, I may create a two-to-four player cards and dice version of the game, unless it looks like that will be considerably less fun to design.


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