thread: 2006-04-08 : That certain zing

On 2006-04-08, Meguey wrote:

Heehehehee. It's so true. I mean, how much more obvious do we have to be? For a group that is generally taken to be thinking about sex -all-the-time-, it's amazing how often you miss out due to cluelessness.


This makes Chris go "Cluelessness = me"
Maybe this year I'll do better.

This makes CS go "really though..."
If women are really that much more observant, then men only miss out to the extent that women decide to obey their cultural training and miss out as well. Only one party needs to correctly identify that both parties are interested for one party to make the situation clear to the other party.

This makes lpl go "Verily"
I wholeheartedly agree with the assertion that men are clueless. I do disavow the insinuation that I think about sex all the time.

This makes JZ go "Works for me"
Pretend you're clueless and they think you're adorable....

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