thread: 2006-04-08 : That certain zing

On 2006-04-10, Tris wrote:

Two things, one perhaps less relevant, but still interesting.  I'll start with the more relevant one:

It seems to me, and I have found through various discussions, that sex is a very unsafe area to stereotype about.  Personally, the woman in question is massively important.  I've RPed with girls that I have no tensionchemistryfizz with, and it's much the same as RPing with boys.  Then there are some girls with whom there is always a buzz, whatever we are doing.

My conclusion - Vincent is oversexed, possibly because of his oversized macho narr wang.

The second thing is that there is an argument that women are advantaged by our current model of relations.  The reason being that there are several reasons why humans appear to be on the border between polygamy and (promiscuous) monogamy.

I've heard several guys argue that because what's "best" for them, in DNA terms, is a harem, and what's "best" for a woman is a single nurturing husband, women have it great.

These guys fail to see how a harem-based society would actually work.

In forge terms, the big high ruler guy (Ron, I guess :-)  Gets a LOT of chicks.  1000s.  Regional Kings get quite a few (Vincent, Ben, you'd be okay).

Peons like the rest of us get none.  None at all.  And if we go violate a harem?  Beheading probably.  If not being forced to play incoherant designs FOREVER!

Yeah, so if the Forge was like a polygamous society, it would suck for most of the guys.

Told you it was less relevant.  Hope you agreed it was interesting.


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