thread: 2006-04-08 : That certain zing

On 2006-04-14, Vincent wrote:

Carrie: Guys reacting to having women present is probably multifold, not just about sex. Though I'm not a man and couldn't say for sure. But there can be lots of things happening that relate to playing games with people across lines of attraction. For example, there can be rallying for position (like trying to impress), which might not even really be about the woman, but about your relationship to the other men at the table. Or about the rush of going out on a limb with people you're attracted to (but not specifically about the attraction itself; more about exposing your emotional self to them).

Good point.

The latter, especially, is something I've been trying to get at, without any success. "But not specifically about the attraction itself," exactly. Attraction is a contributor to what's going on, not the point of what's going on, often. Maybe even overwhelmingly often.


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