thread: 2006-04-27 : How about another one...

On 2006-05-02, Vincent wrote:

T minus 5.

Afraid is based mechanically on Dogs in the Vineyard. I've been watching Dogs play for a couple years now, and there are a bunch of things that Dogs can do, mechanically, that its players aren't doing - so Afraid makes some of those things the foundation of play. Like, I've wanted to see more of [x], so here's a game where you do a ton of [x].

[x] in this particular case includes having real villains. Real honest-to-god unsympathetic enemies to humanity, no underlying justification, no foothold for compassion. Real monsters.

It's updated and adapted in several ways. Most significantly, it has hot scene framing rules. (Er, that is, it has unplaytested but theoretically hot scene framing rules. We'll see.)

You could play Dracula the original novel with it - the player characters would be the men in Mina's and Lucy's lives. You could play a more supernatural-horrific Silence of the Lambs, or very easily an awesome haunted house. Its grab is going to be its unique, original, and fucking scary villains; I expect to see the same trade in villains that we have now in Dogs towns.


This makes JasonN go "'Fraid's monsters = DitV's towns?"

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