thread: 2006-04-27 : How about another one...

On 2006-05-02, Vincent wrote:

Jason: 'Fraid's monsters = DitV's towns?

...Yes. Kind of.

In Afraid (Lord, please, not 'Fraid) the GM sets up a monster, his victims, slaves and acolytes, and the people around them. Dracula + Lucy + Mina + Renfield + Dracula's three women + those scary Transylvanian people + Harker, Van Helsing, the cowboy, Dr. Seward, the other guy, the other guy, the parents, etc. Some of these last might turn out to be PCs.

For a foretaste, look up my posts in an old thread in the lumpley games Forge Forum about "Delta Green in the Vineyard."


This makes Judd go "first thing by buddy Pete said..."
...after playing DitV is that the fallout would be a splendid way to do CoC's insanity rules. I agreed. I can't wait for Afriad.

This makes JC go "10 legged spiders make me shudder..."

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This reminds VB of the thread in question