thread: 2006-04-27 : How about another one...

On 2006-05-03, gains wrote:

Damnit, you're going to make my horror concept gamist and uninteresting by comparison, aren't you?

Eh. It's a low priority project now anyway. Maybe if I hang onto it for a while I can avoid market oversaturation.


This makes GS go "What's wrong with"
Gamism? Also, don't look at it as oversaturation, but increased marketing. You'll both get people interested about the genre!

This makes BL go "Dude, don't step to Gamism"
I will own your ass in tactical play.

This makes GS go "You're On!"
I want to see you, punk! :P

This makes KM go "Clusters"
I'm noticing that games seem to be coming in clusters, either similar in genre or in mechanics. Its as if everybody gets the same idea at the same time. Except then when everybody finally releases their game, they go and play one of Ron's games again... and discover that he's thought of it already.

This makes GS go "It's all because of"

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