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On 2006-05-04, xenopulse wrote:

Funny how this comes along just as I'm reading Sex and Sorcery.


This makes BL go "How do you like it so far?"

This makes GS go "I don't get it."
What's the connection?

This makes XP go "Quite a bit"
It's a really good discussion of the issues, and I like it the best of the three supplements. GS, the first direct connection can be found where Ron shows you that diagram with madness, sex and death. That's where you find the scary motherfuckers; those with power, needs and desires along those extreme points (which pretty much describes Sorcerer's demons, of course). And the point of the book is to use the players' and group's dynamic and issues that touch them to drive powerful play. You need to get to that if you want to make a truly scary game.

This makes GS go "Okay, I'm not sure though"
that I agree with it. That's certainly a valid claim, but I'm not yet sure I agree with it.

This makes XP go "Fair enough :)"

This makes XP go "Now..."
Check out the monster creation, and then check the section on sex/death/madness I was talking about...

This makes GS go "Well, I would but.."
I don't own Sex and Sorcery ;)

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