thread: 2006-04-27 : How about another one...

On 2006-05-04, gains wrote:

Damnit! Using Ron's ideas? Now I really sound like I'm plagarizing you. Just don't put an exclamation point at the end of the title okay? Leave me that.


This makes KSB go "You too?"

This makes NinJ go "Exclamation points are for the weak:"

This makes KSB go "Colons rule"
And yes the pun is intended. And yes this is really really obtuse and I am ashamed for making it. But then I am ashamed that I actually hope Vincent would go to the toilet a lot so he could finifsh this thing.

This makes KM go "Really, really wrong."
But that doesn't stop it from being funny.

This makes MSM go "Elipses ..."
... are the new hotness. I should know....

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