thread: 2006-04-27 : How about another one...

On 2006-05-06, Vincent wrote:

Guy: No - that's what I said. The newcomer is considered to have already rolled the same dice as everybody else.

Two people are arguing. They roll acuity and heart.

They escalate to physical. They roll body (they've already rolled heart).

They escalate to fighting. They roll will (they've already rolled body).

I join in when they escalate to fighting. I roll body and will, for fighting. I'm considered to have already rolled acuity and heart, same as they have. I can't escalate to talking or physical - same as they can't - and if I escalate to murder, I don't get to roll my acuity, I'm considered to have already rolled it.


This makes Guy S. go "You mean used?"
Rolled, sure, so I've rolled the dice, but didn't use them. I figure you mean they're also considered to have used those dice so they can't bring them to bear now?

This makes VB go "uh...sure."
Whatever gets you though. I don't get to roll acuity (or whatever) when I escalate, is the important point, just exactly the same as how nobody else gets to reroll it when they escalate.

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