thread: 2006-04-27 : How about another one...

On 2006-05-07, Vincent wrote:


1. Um. Mumble. You know.

For now I guess reroll the fallout dice.

2. You roll bonds at the beginning of the conflict, with stats and relationships, every conflict, as long as the bond remains true. Like, "I never cut my hair 1d10": that's 1d10 at the beginning of every conflict until and unless you cut your hair.

3. Yeah, either you'll think of a way to frame them both into a scene, or you'll frame them into separate scenes.


This makes CEP go "How about Highest Victimization + fallout dice?"
If fallout dice do not apply, use 4d6, as in Dogs. Highest victimization would start at 2d10, and would range between 1 and 4 D10 - mayby 5d10 if someone was dead and damned but not destroyed - for example, Lucy Westenra after she was turned but before she was staked.

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