thread: 2006-04-27 : How about another one...

On 2006-05-07, Vincent wrote:

Charles P: 1) If a bond is not true, how do you make it true again?

In the fiction, same as how you made it not true.

Sometimes it'll be impossible to make it true again, or maybe just impossible within the timeframe of the game. That's life.

2) I take it slaves and acolytes are bonds for the monster - the monster gets a slave's or acolyte's dice if her service is true and the service is relevant to the conflict. Do I have this right? For example, does the GM even bother to establish the relevance of the slave or acolyte to the conflict?

Slaves and acolytes are NPCs in their own right. The monster doesn't get dice for them (unless they're also listed on the monster's character sheet as traits or relationships or whatever) - but no, they roll dice for themselves.


This makes CEP go "So, monsters get relationships after all?"
... even though they don't start with any? It seems to make more sense to me if they don't ever get relationships. If not, then any benefit the monster gets from slaves or acolytes would come from the monster's own traits or bonds, or from the slaves/acolytes being on the scene.

This makes VB go "you're right, I misspoke."
Monsters don't get relationships.

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