thread: 2006-04-27 : How about another one...

On 2006-05-08, Kaare Berg wrote:

I bungled this on Saturday.

I blame allergies (spring has come in a big way) and the lack of prep.

I've run dogs towns with minimal amount of prep, Afradi really really demands prep. Not a bad thing. Just keep this in mind.

The lack of prep really compunded the errors caused by my lack of proper scene framing and the adherence to circumstances.
Further more the players made characters without me present, so I did not quite get the vibe they were after (We all forgot dice and I was the driver). So we ended up with a major disconnect between the characters and the victims. Didn't help.

But when all the bad has been said we had some tense conflicts and a dew though choices. Just not enough to rate the night a success.

We will try again, and as one of my crew said: "This is the perfect system for a horror game"



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