thread: 2006-04-27 : How about another one...

On 2006-05-08, Vincent wrote:

Kaare: bummer.

Adam: full answers forthcoming, but meanwhile:

1. The whole setup's secret at the start.

2. The GM should have the monster and the first victim made when the group meets to create characters.

When a player creates an attached or entangled character, read her the list. "Does your character: Love her for her innocence? Love her despite her innocence? Depend on her for strength, hope or courage? etc."

3. So you play the game vs. this monster for 3-5 sessions or so, is my plan. Then maybe you play again vs. a different monster - and maybe the entangled character this time is a veteran next time, and the investigator this time is still an investigator, and the other two players make new characters. That's how I see the game over longer-term play.

Also, I really truly hope that player characters die a lot in this game. If it turns out they don't, I'm going to step up the lethality. When your character dies, you just make a new one - plus your new character and everyone else's surviving characters all get reflection fallout.


This makes CEP go "In Dracula, by Bram Stoker, Only Lucy and Quincey died..."
Maybe you consider 2 out of 7, counting the first victim, to be a lot, and maybe you don't. Would that kind of body count disappoint you?

This makes VB go "over four whole games..."
I'd want at least 5 PC deaths. If that's four games with 0 and one with 5, or three games with 1 and one with 2, doesn't matter. 1.25 PC deaths per game is my target.

This makes VB go "I'm very good at math."
Honest. Adding single-digit numbers is not hard for me.

This makes CEP go "Then Dracula wouldn't satisfy you ..."
... Unless it was played in a single session.

This makes VB go "oh - by game I don't mean session."
I want each monster to kill 1.25 PCs over the course of play. That's slightly higher than Dracula, but whatever.

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