thread: 2006-05-17 : Six straightforward examples

On 2006-05-17, Ben Lehman wrote:

Or, indeed, Nine Worlds style

"I push you off the edge."

We draw.  I win.

"Okay, so we tossle back and forth and I stab you in the gut and now we draw again."

We draw.  I win.

"Okay, so we're wrestling and you have me in a choke hold and I'm about to pass out and then suddenly I have a vision of Aphrodite, and her appearance gives me strength and I break out of your hold.  Okay, now we draw again, with Aphrodite in the draw."

We draw.  Aphrodite wins.

"Okay, no one goes over the edge, and you both fall in love with me."



This makes BL go "The rules..."
Whoever has the most value (drawn suit + attribute) wins, and gets to narrate towards or away from the goal, depending. They can decide to resolve it or not. In addition, they may modify their own attributes or their opponent's, depending on what suit they resolve with. In my example, the first resolution (stabbing) is using Chaos to drop the other guy's attributes and the second resolution is using Cosmos to raise the first guy's attributes. The last resolution, I don't know, gives Aphrodite the muse "get some action: 4"

This makes VB go "still -"
Playing with FitM(wT) means that there's no winner until the manipulation's done. "There's manipulation, but only the winner gets to do it" is consequences, not resolution.

This makes BL go "But..."
Explicitly, in Nine Worlds, the winner can decide that there's no winner yet. That's the cause of the redraws in the example.

This makes MS go "Right, but ..."
Ben's right, but so's Vincent (I think). That is, yes, the winner can decide to "not win" ... but what he says in the meantime is still GOLD.

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