thread: 2006-05-17 : Six straightforward examples

On 2006-05-17, Ben Lehman wrote:

Okay, branching out from my examples here's the simplest possible example of what I'm getting at:

"I throw you off the edge."

We each roll 1d6.  High roll wins, you win ties.

We roll.  3 vs 2.  I win.  BUT, there's a special rule that lets me take a bennie and reroll.  I take a bennie and reroll.

We roll. 5 vs 1.  I win.  I take another bennie.

We roll.  6 vs 4.  I win.  "Okay, I've got enough bennies, you go over the edge."


This strikes me as deeply FitMt, but not at all Pullish.


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