thread: 2006-05-17 : Six straightforward examples

On 2006-05-17, Thomas Robertson wrote:


I'm not Mo or Brand or even Jess, but by my read every one of those, with the possible exception of your "Drama in the middle, bribe style" thing, is a push.  (And that one may be a push too...)

In each case you as a player are exerting your mechanically provided authority to make something happen.  In your *itM cases, I then have the chance to exert my own authority back at you.  However, the key, at least from where I sit, is that the throwing off the building thing happens on your authority, not mine.

In every case you have above, you are coming at me from a position of (mechanical) authority: I must respond or else...  In no case does my decision not to respond fail to have an effect.

Compare this to me looking at you and going, "Vincent, it would be so awesome if you tried to throw me off the building!"  You can go "Oh yeah!" or "I've got a better idea." or whatever you want.

That's how I think this works anyway.



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