thread: 2006-05-17 : Six straightforward examples

On 2006-05-17, kleenestar wrote:

Okay, okay, I'm here.  Hi.  :)

Vincent, I'm familiar with Drama/Karma/Fortune, if that's what you mean - where I'm groping is how it might connect to this Push/Pull stuff.

Unfortunately, I think I agree with Thomas that while you've got something interesting going on here, I'm not sure that stakes of "I throw you off the building" are very Pull-friendly.  I mean ... under what circumstances could being thrown off a building not be something that I would have to respond to in the context of the story?  Where is my option to participate?  You're saying, "I do this thing, and you have to struggle with me if you don't want it to happen," even if you're giving lots of different options for how that struggle might happen.

Roger, I think you're spot-on about how this might be turned into something more Pull-friendly.  You don't HAVE to push the other guy off the roof - but he's giving you this really tempting opportunity to do something dramatic and exciting.

Of course, I'm neither Mo nor Brand, so YMMV.

On the other hand, I think the negotiable/final group consensus thing is really spot-on, and it's something that I imagine will shape the group's understanding of where particular examples fall on the Push/Pull spectrum.



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