thread: 2006-05-17 : Six straightforward examples

On 2006-05-17, Vincent wrote:

Charles: Well...

When people ask about FatB they've invariably conflated IIEE with itM/atE.

It may turn out that pull = DitM + (Intent is up for resolution). That certainly seems to be what some of you are pushing for.


This makes KS go "IEEE?"
Fewer acronyms for the newbies here, please! :)

This makes CS go "A link to a primer would help"
I know we're not the intended audience, so the terminology isn't intended to make sense to us, but a link to a primer on IIEE would be a great help.

This makes XP go "IIEE="
Intent, Initiation, Execution, and Effect. See the Forge glossary for more.

This makes XP go "Can you fix the link?"
I posted the http:// in there once too much :/ It's

This makes KS go "Intended audience ..."
Well, in an ideal world I'd like to be part of the intended audience here. But you're right, a pointer to a definition (or a marginal definition) would be perfect.

This makes JCL go "Intent, Initiation, Execution, Effect"
See these two posts here on Anyway: Ninja Monkey J's comment on IIEE and Vincent's follow-up.

This makes CS go "audience"

What I meant is that the original post here was intended to speak to the Forgist doubters of p/p, not to speak to the non-forgist supporters of p/p, so it was intended to place p/p within the existing forge theory, so it was pretty much doomed to be dependent on forgist terminology.

I'm pretty sure we're both intended audience in one sense, but that we weren't the primary intended audience, if you see what I mean.

Thanks for the links!

This makes KS go "Got It"
CS, thanks for the clarification. XP, thanks for the links. :)

This makes CS go "Thinking further..."
Its not that there is nothing that can be called atB, it is that there is nothing to be gained analytically by calling something atB. If it looks like atB, you will always get better results by reframing the question of in the middle of what, at the begining of what.

So I see why atB isn't worth developing.

Pull may involve shifting the frame within which itM decisions are made, but it is more important to look at the frame in which they are itM than to look at them in the frame in which they would be atB.

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This reminds XP of Forge Glossary