thread: 2006-05-17 : Six straightforward examples

On 2006-05-18, Kirk wrote:

Push/Pull is essentially taking one of the basic tenets of social interaction and applying it to roleplaying games. It is entirely about how we interact as people. Seriously, anybody who says otherwise doesn't get out enough. It is how we talk to people every day. Normal conversation cannot function without Push/Pull.

Looking at how Push/Pull influences how we contribute to our shared imaginative space, it is a matter of "I make this thing happen" or "I set this thing up so you have do something with it". There are plenty of mechanics for Push, but very few explicitly designed for Pull as far as my experience goes. Polaris certainly comes close in that it takes the informal negotiation of Drama resolution (and the involved Push/Pull) and provides explicit mechanical guidance.


This makes KM go "Sorry..."
I'm on a totally different track here. I'll just shut up and get back in my box until I actually have something useful to say.

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