thread: 2006-05-17 : Six straightforward examples

On 2006-05-19, beingfrank wrote:

I think I???m missing something.  I read Brand???s post on moments of crisis and took it to mean that pull does not happen in the moment of crisis, but before.  I understood it as saying that push is forcing a moment of crisis and pull is soliciting for collaboration to produce a moment of crisis.  So I look at the 6 examples, and they all look to me like they???re in the middle of the moment of crisis, and any pull involved has happened before this point.

I thought that D/FitM/E was about how stuff was resolved, in this case, the moment of crisis.  I???m not sure how to relate that to something that is a process of creating a moment of crisis.  Isn???t pull about suggesting something as a moment of crisis?  Does the pull itself necessarily include the resolution of that moment of crisis?  I would have thought not.

I do think you???re onto something there, but you seem to be putting bits together that don???t actually fit.



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