thread: 2006-05-20 : How I buy mechs

On 2006-05-22, Andy K wrote:

This Protoss-looking robot lego set made me kinda fall in love with Legos again...

Also, I'm curious after the talk on the other thread about "Vaporators", if Vincent hasn't taken a look at Mordheim?

I was never into the minis games, as I suck at painting minis and have the attention span of a fruit fly.  But I got talked into playing some rounds of Mordheim like 6 years ago with someone else's figs and I had a lot of fun: It was a skirmish-level game of like no more than 10 figs per side, and instead of the usual goals ("Kill everyone on the other side"), there were several scenarios to play that didn't all involve killing the other side: Get the Hooyah in the center of the map; Get the other team before they retreat; Destroy the other team's Hooyahs, etc.

Hearing the bit about "Vaporators" made me think of those quick Mordheim scenarios. Definitely more fun and more strategy than simply "crush the opponent".



This makes LPL go "Whoa! (like Keanu)"

This makes LPL go "Andy, where would one get that?"
Is it one of those "only available in Japan" dealies?

This makes VB go "it's Supernova's alternate model."

This makes LPL go "I am asking Santa..."
... for Exo-Force this year!

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This reminds BEW of Necromunda