thread: 2006-05-20 : How I buy mechs

On 2006-05-22, Ninja Monkey J wrote:

Hey, in case there's anyone who hasn't see them, here are my huge-scale dudes. Only the little guys from the top set still exist (and I use them for Mechaton sometimes). Big Black is torn down, as is Hermes. The only challenge would be making enough cover at that scale. I'd have to build trees

I don't have any pictures of my Mechaton-scale dudes because my camera si teh b0rked.


This makes colin go "fuchikoma"
I admit to being very curious what your fuchikoma look like.

This makes NinJ go "I wish I had pictures!"
I have one at a similar size to Aiax on that page, then a handful of little tiny guys.

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