thread: 2006-05-17 : Six straightforward examples

On 2006-05-26, web_weaver wrote:

OK Vincent, let me try a different tack, and attempt a more formal definition of your theory.
This may help in proving its validity.


For the purposes of this argument I will name Mo's definition, "Social Push/Pull" (SoPP); as he is focused upon the communication of ideas within a conflict situation.

. SoPush is an assertion of individual authority
. SoPull is a directed solicitation for collaborative buy-in and input

Brand adds that to define a Push or a Pull one must examine the Moment of Crisis.

You examine the Moment of Resolution within a system of rules, I will name this "System Push/Pull" (SyPP).

. SyPush is a requirement for resolution by the system of a SoPush
. SyPull is a requirement for resolution by the system of a SoPull


. All examples of SyPush involve Fortune or Drama at the End resolution
. All examples of SyPull involve Fortune or Drama in the Middle resolution

Secondary Theory

SyPP is equal to or a subset of SoPP such that every example of a SyPP will be the result of a SoPP.
Therefore SyPP occurs at the Moment of Resolution of a SoPP ,if resolution is required, and coincides with the Moment of Crisis.

Am I near to correctly defining your theory?



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