thread: 2006-05-20 : How I buy mechs

On 2006-06-08, Kuma wrote:

Y'all may want to check out - you can build mechs to your satisfaction with LEGO's designer, then order custom packs with all of the pieces for one mech - I checked comparable-sized mechs, and they were about $2-5 a pop for Mechton-sized custom kits.


This makes NinJ go "Kuma, we've discussed this a lot."
When V and I first heard about the Factory, this is what we were excited about. Then we discovered that it's lamer than anticipated. Read marginalia above (and elsewhere) about its lamitude.

This makes NinJ go "A dickhead is me!"
It looks much, much better now!

This makes Kuma go "It's New and Improved!"
I saw a write-up in WIRED for it - they had all sorts of crazy stuff that you could build. There are a lot of bits that you can buy now. I've been building weird stuff for my little girl lately.

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