thread: 2006-06-10 : The new specializations rules

On 2006-06-10, Vincent wrote:

You could always make up endeavors, and you still can.

When you create your character, you have the five core endeavors - asserting yourself, defending yourself, enduring duress, exerting yourself, manipulating others - and then whatever other endeavors you care to list for yourself, at least a couple and as many as 5 or 6. Making love, doing thuggery, riding horses, casting spells of hell-magic, whatever you need to fill out your character.

So when you create a mastery, you name the endeavor it modifies. It can be a core endeavor, but it could just as well be a non-core endeavor. "Initiation into the fourth and darkest black brotherhood of the pit," for instance, would be a mastery that contributes to casting spells of hell-magic.

In fact (and you probably already get this, Jason) you can add non-core endeavors to your character sheet whenever you want, at no cost, with no warning, justification, or provocation. They aren't mechanically significant! They only say what stat you roll when you do that thing - and you were always going to roll some stat. Now we know which.


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