thread: 2006-06-10 : The new specializations rules

On 2006-06-10, colin roald wrote:

* Write an existing mastery on your character sheet. Don't choose one that's both unique and already written on someone else's.

What about characters that are not in the current chapter?  Say at the end of the last session, the Head of War-Captain was in possession of Lady Catherine (and written on her sheet).  Can Sir Carl claim to have it now?  What if both Lady Catherine and Sir Carl end up both in the next chapter?

It seems like as long as it's possible for Catherine to come back, Carl can't have it.  Seems like that would have the nice effect that if Carl wants it, he has to pull Catherine into a chapter and take it from her.

It's legal to have the consequence of a conflict be "erase the Head from your character sheet and let me write it on mine," right?

* Write a new mastery on your character sheet. Create a mastery sheet to go with it.

Does it matter what significance is the master you invent?  Does it have to start at modest?  Seems like it ought to.

* Bump up by one the significance of a mastery already on your character sheet.

So suppose I have Initiate of the Warrior Cult, and I want to bump up the significance by making it far-reaching, allowing me to literally summon a lion-spirit to aid in battle.  Have I just effectively created a new mastery, Second-Circle Initiate, or whatever?  I wouldn't expect that improving my character would cause everyone else with this mastery to get better, too.

I guess I'd be inclined to interpret this rule as "trade a mastery for one of one significance level better."

* Reassign your character's dice and stats from fresh. Keep any specializations you've written on your character sheet from previous chapters

(You missed a search-n-replace on "specialization".)


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