thread: 2006-06-21 : Building your mechs

On 2006-06-21, Vincent wrote:

Be glad I'm calling them assets now, even though "assets" sucks hard. I was calling them "happies" before.

"Stationary assets" my butt, though. Maybe I'll choose a story and stick to it, let you all suck up the extra cognitive load of having to substitute.

"For 3 players, make 2 broken down peach trucks and 3-6 mechs."


This makes colin go ""Flags" is traditional"
Does Lego make little flags you can stick on top of things? That would rock.

This makes AG go "Flags, goals, targets, objectives."

This makes NinJ go "That's Peachjeeps."

This makes NinJ go "Colin, it's easier than that."
There are only two per player, and they're things like "This truck" and "This satellite".

This makes sd go "defendables"

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