thread: 2006-06-21 : Building your mechs

On 2006-06-21, Jeph wrote:

Sweet! Mechaton marches on...

The only thing about that post that doesn't jibe with me is the equal rockets thingy. I mean, what if we're playing a three-way battle, and I'm really into rockets, but you and Mitch will have none of it?

Oh, wait, scratch that, a second issue: say you, me, Mitch, and Bill Gates are playing a game. You and I both have 3 mecha and 12 attachments apiece. Mitch and Bill Gates each have 4 mecha and 14 attachments. But because of the ties, even though Mitch and Bill both have the advantage over us two in terms of both mecha and attachments, everyone's still got 5 points per asset all around. Bwuh-zuh?


This makes NinJ go "This gets back to a concern I brought up."
I think there should be an algorithm, instead of "whoever's got most" and "whoever's got least". Maybe, like, (mecha + (attchments/2)), rounded up. Or something.

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