thread: 2006-06-21 : Building your mechs

On 2006-06-22, Vincent wrote:

RE valuing your army, J marginalizes: I think there should be an algorithm, instead of "whoever's got most" and "whoever's got least". Maybe, like, (mecha + (attchments/2)), rounded up. Or something.

Totally not gonna happen. 1) It'd have to invert - more mechs and more attachments means fewer points, not more - and that's just irritating math. 2) It'd have to return a number from 3 to 7 anyway - just plain not enough possible results to make irritating math worth the effort. 3) It'd have to scale with the maximum and minimum army sizes.

In short, why go through the grief of "for three players, your victory per is 12-(6+mecha/4+attachments/10)" when the outcome is going to be that, barring weird ties, the biggest best army's worth 3 and the smallest weakest army's worth 7?

I ask "why" rhetorically, not because I care to entertain any answers. The whole problem goes away when I change the rule to "in case of ties, everyone tied gets the bump."


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