thread: 2006-06-21 : Building your mechs

On 2006-06-24, Matt S wrote:

Oh man! I built my first Mechaton figure today. It's a brute. I'm not sure it's the proper size for play. I meant for him to be a bigger mech called a Cerberus—on account of the three massive cannons over its back. It also has some nasty four-pronged claws. I think he'd be stated out like this:

Wish I had a digital camera! Argh. The figure is built almost entire from Exo-Force pieces. Where can I get software to do schematics? Anyway ...

0624 Cerberus I

White Dice: 2
Red Dice: 2 Hand-to-Hand, 2 Artillery
Bonus initiative dice: 2

I think the Cerberus II needs some kind of armor pieces that could be removed, and hence get blue dice. Also, maybe figure out a way add some range finders or some such on his front torso (he's a pretty squat little guy).

My next one's going to be all about penisy missiles! Already figured out a way to mount three of those goblet-missiles on just a few tidy piecs. It'll practically fall over from the weight, but man will it rock.


This makes Matt S go "Dragonfly"
I built a second Mechaton figure. It's a sandy-ish colored strider mech with dragonfly wings (yes!). I'm still thinking I may be building figures BARELY too big for the game, but close. 2 white dice 1 green die (wings) 2 red dice (flamer, direct fire) 2 red dice (claw, hand-to-hand) 1 red dice (claw hand to hand) 1 yellow dice (antenna) red d8 (one-shot missile)

This makes NinJ go "Pictures, man! Pictures!"

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