thread: 2006-06-21 : Building your mechs

On 2006-06-24, Jeph wrote:

Check this baby out:

The boosters on the back give him a green die. The pistol in the right hand is two red dice at direct fire range, and the sniper cannon in the left hand is a pair of red dice at artillery range. The army he's in has two other mecha built on the same chassis: one replaces the sniper cannon with a shield (blue die) and the boosters with some massive rockets (two red dice at artillery); the other replaces the pistol with a flame thrower (two red dice in close combat) and the boosters with an antenna on one shoulder (yellow die) and a pair of big missiles on the other.

Then the army's got two of these:

Each of the huge armor plates protecting the flanks gives a blue die, for two total. The eye and antenna give in a yellow die, and the cannon is two red dice at direct fire range. I figured it was too heavy for the four legs to give it a green die.

For one-on-one, the army can also field two other mecha that I can't work up in Bricksmith 'cuz they've got some MegaBlocks pieces. They've got a tripedal chassis, with two big missiles on the right arm and a sniper rifle (two red dice at artillery range) on the other.


This makes Matt go "Link me!"
How do you make these illustrations?

This makes Jeph go "A program called BrickSmith"
That's for mac; PC uses LeoCad.

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This reminds VB of LeoCAD

This reminds VB of Bricksmith