thread: 2006-06-21 : Building your mechs

On 2006-06-30, Uriel wrote:

Very nice rules. So if you have sensors, lets say an antenna and a spotlight, each worth one yellow die, this would count as two attachments? So in essence is the same rule as before; 7-your dice = your initiative?
I really like the bump mechanic for valuing your army. I wold be nice to see how this affects build strategy. Knowing how many mechas and attachments your opponent will field could be a very good advantage here.

Just so you know there are about half a dozen guys here in Sweden who are eagerly awaiting a complete set of rules to play with. We're building armies, which in itself is so much fun it's a pastime all by itself, but we want rules. We've played short games with the old Mechaton rules, but since we know there are better rules we're mostly just sitting here twiddling our thumbs, waiting and waiting...

My mechaton army

Mostly built by newly aquired bits because my old childhood pieces had almost zero mech potential. Notice the little guy in the middle; I've ordered parts for 5 of those in tan with a different head which is basicaly a forward facing round brick with a 1x1 round plate, giving it a more HAL-9000 look. I just think it's cute.

If you need playtesters you need not look further!


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This makes FSF go "Nice"
But boy, pictures of things sitting on glass tables are tough...

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