thread: 2006-06-21 : Building your mechs

On 2006-07-02, NinJ wrote:

Hooray for the artillery Fuchikoma!

If you have five identical dudes, you'll have a hard time telling them apart on the table. I recommend getting some of these.

They come in 1 through 4 and 06/90. There are also letters including the Angstrom (which Anyway can't render for some reason)!

Flags might be good, too. I love flags.


This makes Uriel go "decorated tiles are cool"
but round decorated tiles in tan are a bitch to find. But I'll do some variation on each to tell em apart. Fuchikoma frame rules! I'll get more of those and some levers for antennas too.

This makes NinJ go "Yeah, I don't know of any such things. There are some in black, though."

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This reminds NinJ of Letter link