thread: 2006-06-21 : Building your mechs

On 2006-07-03, Uriel wrote:

The guys at the FLGS wants me to bring my mechs and stuff for a game tomorrow, my first afternoon off work for ages. Possibly because I talk about it all the time. So I got one of the big (BIG) tables with some really beatiful canyon scenario booked and hopefully some people to play with. But there are two problems:

They only have Warhammer terrain and I have no Hex map. I figure it's playable anyway with 1 move = 2 inches. It'll be worth trying anyway. But is there anything I need to know of that won't work using a more free map?

The slightly bigger problem is my lack of rules. I've got the old old rules and various snippets of the new and improved rules scattered around. But I feel very lost in putting it all together, especially since the new rules makes assumption about things that aren't explained. For example I think the change to Hth, Direct and Artillery range are great, but I have no idea how long they are.

Vincent or NinJ, do you have material for new rules that I could have a sneak peak at other than what has been posted here already?
I really want to sell this game to these people and since they are all hardcore miniature gamers I think they'll provide valuable feedback. Hopefully they'll like it too.

On another note I got all my brothers old lego that he had lying at our parents basements. With some hinges I can easily build atleast 10 new mechas out of those. Too bad it's mostly blue though. It doesn't give me a very military vibe (when did you last see a blue tank?).


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