thread: 2006-06-21 : Building your mechs

On 2006-07-03, Ninja Monkey J wrote:

Blue's awesome!

I don't think the rules are really compiled yet, but here are some quickie answers:

For hexless play, make a measuring stick out of Lego axles or whatever. 4 dots is 1 hex. Make them hinged so you can measure different lengths and around corners. You'll never need one longer than 24 dots total.

If you make it 5 dots/hex, you can just count the end of the hinge and use click hinges to measure easily.

HtH range is whatever you set it to be. We usually make it 1 hex distance. That is, there can be one hex between mecha for them to fight.

Artillery range is "anywhere on the field".

Direct range is usually 10 hexes, but that's up to you. It kinda depends on the size of the table, actually. You want HtH to happen ??? it's exciting! ??? so don't make Direct too long.

Here's another one you're probably missing: the new cover rules. I won't go into it now, but check in on previous Mechaton threads. Someone did a recap, if I recall.


This makes Uriel go "Thanks!"
I promise to post pictures

This makes FSF go "Love that one in the lower left"
The use of helmets as kneecaps is cool!

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This reminds Uriel of todays mechas