thread: 2006-06-21 : Building your mechs

On 2006-07-05, Vincent wrote:

Tris: right on.

Uriel: since you decide what you lose when you take damage, you just decide which. Like, you're fielding that mech and I do damage to it - you get to decide whether to lose 1 HtH + 1 direct or 1 direct + 1 arty, same as always.

J: instead of thinking of it as two guns, think of it as a single massive gun system built using the rules for two guns. It gets 4 dice, takes up two attachment slots, provides two hit points, but in the fiction it's one mega-gun.

Imagine it unloading the same truly heinous bulletage at you no matter what range you're at, it's just that at artillery range they spread and at HtH you're in their blind spot. Then say you smack it with a hammer and break its aiming computer - now it's all blind spot: just as good as it ever was at HtH range, crappier than it used to be at direct range, useless at artillery.

Or you smack it with a hammer and break its ammo feed - now it can't unload heinous bulletage, it has to do little bursts and rely on its targetting: it's useless if you're in its blind spot at HtH, crappier than it used to be at direct fire, but still functional at arty.

That's why it's okay with me that the two guns look the same.


This makes Uriel go "I knew that"
I wondered the same thing that J did. I get it now, it's a gun system.

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