thread: 2006-06-21 : Building your mechs

On 2006-07-05, Vincent wrote:

Oh and why is it sw33t! I forgot to say why.

It's sweet because it preserves one of the tradeoffs you used to have before every gun gave you 2 dice. Given that I'm putting two guns on my mech, I can either do two ranges well, or I can do one range well and two ranges half-ass. Half the time when I play I'm really glad to have made the decision I did - when I spread 'em thin and then that mech gets into fights at all three ranges, for instance - but half the time I wish I'd focused instead.

Here's another related trick. Say this:

The gat on the left gets 1 HtH + 1 direct. The gat on the right gets 1 HtH + 1 direct.

Now when I take damage, instead of losing a range altogether, I knock both ranges down to half-ass.


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