thread: 2005-04-27 : The Open House 4: Handshaking

On 2005-04-27, Albert wrote:

Albert Andersen, junior at Stanford University, originally from the same. I've been gaming since the tender age of 5, when my older brother (Hans Andersen, of "Goin' to War? On a Sunday?") received a copy of Red Book D&D for Christmas. Started lurking on the Forge almost a year ago when I was in Japan and otherwise starved for gaming access (Though I did manage to run the [as far as I know] only Burning Wheel game every played in Japan that summer). I've commented on the Forge a few times and here a couple of times a while back, but I'm mostly a lurker.

Nowadays, I game regularly with the awesome people here at the Stanford Gaming Society. My current projects are running a weekly game of Fantasy Flight Games's Fireborn and writing what I'm hoping will be a strongly narrativist one-shot larp inspired by medieval and Edo-era Japanese literature and theater, to be run in late May.


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